Orthopaedic surgeons are known to perform multiple surgeries a day. Among 12 frequently performed procedures, arthroscopy of the knee has been reported to be one of the most common procedures. Spinal fusion or re-fusion has also been noted as a high demand surgery. We are visiting some tips in part 2 of how being in control of your orthopaedic health helps avoid surgery.

 Improve Your Work & Home Conditions

When you set up your home and work space to eliminate and form of hazard this can preventing potential injuries:

  1. When working at a computer, you should consider a standing workstation or other ergonomic systems when you set up your workspace. To avoid conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, take care not to type aggressively and take frequent breaks.
  2. If your work involves physical labour, be aware of repetitive motion which could eventually cause strains. For any kind of heavy lifting, consider stretching beforehand and employing your core strength rather than your back, shoulders or knees.
  3. Safeguard your home if you are elderly (get assistance with this) by optimising the home environment to prevent injuries and make the space easier to navigate. The most effective home:
  • Installing handrails in hallways
  • Installing appropriate flooring to prevent fractures
  • Managing slippery areas like bathtubs with bathmats or grips


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