Claw and Hammer Toe Procedures

Claw and Hammer Toe Procedures
Claw and Hammer Toe Procedures – Claw toe is a condition where the two joints of the toe are deformed to be bent like a claw. In the early stages, the toe may be flexible, but after some time, the deformity becomes fixed. Hammer toe is similar, but only one joint is bent. Claw toe tends to run I families. However some experts think it may be due to wearing shoes with a short narrow toe box.

Pressure on the top of the toes, due to shows, leads to painful corns. If the toe is still flexible, a splint may be helpful. Shoes with a wide, long toe box should be worn. The corns can be pared.

In chronic cases where the deformity is fixed, further distortion of the structure of the foot leads to strain on the ball of the foot. If conservative treatment fails, surgery may be an option. The surgeon may have to remove some tight tissue, cut some tendons, and fuse or trim the small bones in the toes.

Dr Peter Smith, Mediclinic Milnerton, Cape Town

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