Simple Smoothie Recipes for Stronger Bones

We’re about halfway through winter, and before we know it we will soon be approaching spring and looking forward to warmer days – and so soup season will end, and smoothie season will begin! Interested in learning how to make some simple smoothie recipes for stronger bones? Read below!

A great vegetable to add to smoothies is zucchini which has a very mild taste, but packs in a ton of potassium into each serving. Another amazing source of potassium is bananas, and in case you didn’t know – potassium is very important for bone health. Prunes are also a great sugar alternative and can sweeten up a smoothie in no time; they can also be used in baking and other sorts of recipes to replace overly-processed sugars. Prunes offer a great source of bone-building nutrients much like boron, and research has proven that eating about 4-5 prunes a day can greatly support healthy bones.

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