The stress and tension that often come with a trip can add to physical discomfort and worsen joint symptoms. But with proper planning you can reduce pain and anxiety and have a pleasant journey.

Here’s to your pain free journey!

  • Look into rental car companies that offer special services such as Avis Rent-A-Car’s Access program. They offer cars with swivel seats, spinner knobs and other hand controls.
  • Try to avoid long lines and airport congestion by traveling mid-week, which tends to be less busy. Book a seat with extra legroom or an aisle seat so it’s easier to stretch your legs. Reserve an accessible hotel room near the elevator or on the first floor.
  • Assistive devices can be a great help, too. Examples include a folding cane or walker, travel chair, beaded seat cover, folding reacher or something as simple as an extra pillow for back support.
  • Keep all medications with you and not in checked bags. Pack medicines that require refrigeration, like some biologics, in a small cooler or in a Ziploc bag with an icepack. Buy a high-tech pillbox if you need medication reminders. Check ahead to find the closest pharmacy to where you’re staying. You may even want to ask your doctor for an extra written prescription to take with you as a backup.
  • Hot and cold therapies are great for pain and stiffness. Stock up on heat wraps and pads, portable ice packs and topical cream. Choose hotels with heated pools, hot tubs and saunas.
  • Request a wheelchair or motorized escort from the Airline.
  • Carry healthy snacks with you and avoid the high-fat, high-calorie processed foods that are on offer at Airports and stop-overs. These foods promote inflammation.  Drink plenty of water and go easy on alcohol and caffeine that can aggravate inflammation. Need a break from just water? Try natural cherry juice that can help reduce inflammation – but avoid options with added sugar.
  • Keep moving as sitting still for long periods can cause stiffness. Plan road trips with time for rest stops. Move around on a plane or train when it’s safe.

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