The number of knee replacements and hip replacements are performed each year are on the rise. We need to mention, however,  that some of these surgeries are actually preventable.

The health of muscle strength, joint flexibility and bone density is directly influenced by exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Evidence is on the rise pointing to the fact that maintaining a healthy body weight can lessen the effects of osteoarthritis and prevent injuries. This is how being in control of your orthopaedic health helps avoid surgery.

Top Tips for Orthopaedic Health

Some simple changes to your lifestyle and what you eat that can help you avoid serious orthopaedic problems:

  1. Keep a healthy weight: Being overweight or obese puts more weight on your joints, which can weaken muscles and make injuries more likely. It has been suggested that for every 4.5 kgs of weight gained, there is an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis.
  2. Maintain good movement: Although one should be aware to avoid too much stress on your joints if you have orthopaedic sensitivity, Good exercises for everyone – include stretching, walking, swimming and biking on a level ground. It is important to keep working to increase muscle mass no matter your age.
  3. Build a strong core: Practicing Yoga and Pilates will strengthen your core and promote orthopaedic health. Strong core muscles help you balance your body weight so pick and exercise regime that aids development of a strong core.
  4. Stretch before exercise: To avoid sprains and strains it is important to stretch to maintain your flexibility, decrease stress injuries as well as improve performance. Warm up and stretch before and after exercise, this is the golden rule to help prevent muscle and joint injuries.
  5. Choose comfortable shoes: It is important to wear supportive shoes as they promote proper alignment.  Women who wear high heels on regularly increase their risk of developing back pain and knee pain.
  6. Keep you check-ups regular: An annual visit to your GP is a good way to stay on top of your orthopaedic health. It is important, especially for older adults, who can be more likely to develop arthritis and suffer injuries. You GP is qualified to advise you on additional preventive measures to protect your orthopaedic and overall health.

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