Many surgeons may tell you not to resume a running program after a total hip replacement. It has however been revealed that you can, but this is dependent on the bone quality and the prosthetic materials used to replace the worn hip joint.

So, what happens when you have your hip replaced?

Hip replacements are divided into two types: traditional total hip replacement (arthroplasty) or hip resurfacing arthroplasty.

During a traditional hip replacement, the femoral heck and head along with the acetabulum are removed and replaced with metal, plastic, or ceramic components

While you can run after this procedure, total hip replacements do run the risk of loosening and stem fracture with high impact sports and are much harder to repair or revise if they wear out quickly

The right level of activity after a hip replacement depends on the person and is best discussed with your doctor. You also might want to consider another type of exercise rather than running, like cycling or swimming, which place less weight and stress on the hips.

Talk with your doctor to get an idea of how soon you can start running again. Take as long as you need to find out how to safely resume your activity. It is important to start slowly, first walking, then power walking, then jogging on a smooth surface such as a treadmill without an incline. If you do feel pain, just slow down or stop. You can always run later, when your body gets used to the motion. The following points are important to remember as you resume your running regimen:

Stretch your legs, arms, back and hips before running.

Warm up thoroughly.

  • Cool down and gently stretch your muscles after a run to prevent further injury to your hip.
  • Start slowly and work your way up to longer runs.
  • Avoid falls or a jarring motion that could damage the replaced hip.
  • Any activity or sport that makes kids repeatedly exert a lot of force with their legs and knees.

This article ” Effects of running after a hip replacement – what you should know ”  does not provide medical advice and is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult a doctor for all medical advice. 



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